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HMT has been advising businesses, private equity houses and debt providers on numerous fundraisings over the past 20 years.

Successful businesses often require external funding for a number of reasons, including to invest capital in growth opportunities or to release value tied up in the business.

The injection of new capital from a suitable external investor can not only deliver the funding sought by existing shareholders but also bring fresh ideas and challenges on the future direction of their business. We work closely with clients to assess the funding requirements of both company and shareholders, and determine which forms of external capital are most suitable to achieve their strategic aims.

HMT’s strong relationships with the UK’s leading debt and equity providers enable us to identify appropriate funding solutions for a wide range of differing objectives.

HMT is also renowned for finding innovative solutions where normal private equity or debt funding is not available. For example, we have developed our own network of high net worth individuals who are often able to provide funding for projects which are operationally sound but which would fall outside the investment criteria of more traditional sources of finance.

We have recently advised on a number of fundraisings including:

For more information about fundraisings, please contact our partners Ian Barton and Andrew Thomson on 01491 579740 or via email.