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Strategic Planning

Because failing to plan is planning to fail, entrepreneurs sometimes need a little help to plan their strategy for the future. Creating a business plan requires management to objectively and realistically look at their business as a whole, as it is the only way to identify its core capabilities, strengths, competitive advantage and underlying opportunities. Being aware of your business potential and its drivers is critical.

It is common for many business owners to behave in a reactive, ad-hoc manner, growing the business organically. Strategic planning will ensure that you avoid unnecessary pitfalls and capitalise on opportunities much more quickly. Knowing how you have achieved success, identifying and monitoring those factors, and then promoting and investing for growth are the key steps to successful business planning.

HMT has been working with ambitious entrepreneurs for over 20 years and has built over the years a very strong expertise in business management and strategic planning. HMT will help you map out an effective business plan and support you in financial forecasting with our business modelling team. Whether you need to improve management information, plan resources or raise funds, improving your business in this manner has several benefits, including:

  • Helping you identify goals and objectives
  • Defining strategies to meet those objectives
  • Identifying potential issues that may prevent you from reaching your objectives, and suggesting appropriate solutions to overcome these challenges
  • Helping you avoid some of these challenges to begin with
  • Helping you align your business objectives with your people and operational activities
  • Assigning and delegating responsibilities that empower your people
  • Identifying what KPI’s to measure in order to judge success of the above or determine actions needed to get back on plan

If you require more information regarding our strategic planning services, please contact our partner Mark Lucas on 01491 579740.