Amazing people at HMT: our partner Mark Lucas who has been trekking in the Himalayas

HMT partner Mark Lucas is just back from Nepal where he spent 2 weeks trekking in the Himalayas from Pokhora to the Annapurna base camp at 4,200m high. An amazing challenge our partner has completed brilliantly.


At HMT, we don’t only offer the best services; we also have amazing people within our team. One of them is our partner Mark Lucas who is managing our entrepreneurial services range. Mark has spent the past 2 weeks in Nepal, trekking on the Annapurna circuit with 4 friends. Walking 7 to 10 hours a day for 8 days in different climate conditions with the impact of altitude on their bodies, it is pretty amazing, isn’t it?!

Mark and his friends started their journey at Kathmandu with a bit of sightseeing and discovering the local culture. Then, they flew to Pokhora, the base city for trekkers undertaking the Annapurna circuit, to meet the 2 guides and 4 porters who accompanied them in their adventure. During 8 days, they trekked across the Annapurna Mountains, walking all day and stopping in the evening for a “dalbat” (a traditional Nepalese meal composed of rice and lentils) and a night in a lodge.

“There have been some hard moments, like when we passed the dead body of an English trekker who died earlier this day on the same circuit as us. It is also very hard physically, especially after 3,000m high when the altitude has a huge impact on our bodies and the climate has changed to glacier and snow”, Mark tells.

But the 5 trekkers were rewarded for their efforts when they arrived at the Annapurna base camp for sunrise. The scenery was incredible and it was coupled with a great feeling of accomplishment.

mark-holidaysCaption: Boudanath in Kathmandu (top left), Mark Lucas during the Annapurna trekking circuit (top right), Annapurna mountains (bottom left), Mark Lucas at the Annapurna Base Camp (bottom centre), an incredible sherpa carrying a fridge on his back (bottom right).

For Mark, one of the highlights of the adventure was to be in a very different environment and to discover the local culture. “It is extraordinary to see how a whole community lives on a mountain. The average salary in Nepal is $700 a year which is nothing in “our world”, and Nepalese people are so humble. Some children walk for 2 hours in the mountain every day to go to school. It’s amazing!”, Mark remembers.

Back to reality, Mark says:

“When I got back from Nepal, I was delighted to see HMT has won 3 awards at the Thames Valley Deals Awards. It is the results of our efforts last year. In 2014-2015, we plan on developing our tax and audit services even more and we are launching a range of outsourcing services in the next months.

After the Kilimanjaro a few years ago, and the Annapurna this time, what will be Mark’s next challenge? “The Everest!, he claims. But now, back to work!”