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Ten things to be aware of before selling your business

2022-11-23T10:35:09+00:00November 23rd, 2022|

Business owners are often reluctant to enter discussions about the disposal process until they are completely certain that they are ready to exit. There is a natural fear of getting sucked into a commitment they are not yet prepared to make and sometimes an (unfounded) concern that exit implies the business is struggling. So, in the interests of balance, here are our top ten “things to know” for potential vendors, based on 30+ years in the M&A business.

HMT Podcast – Deal Story #1 – Investment in The Marketing Practice

2022-11-23T10:30:22+00:00November 2nd, 2022|

This year, HMT is celebrating its 30th anniversary and therefore we have asked some of our clients to tell us their deal stories in a series of podcasts. To kick off this new series, we have asked Clive McNamara, the founder and non-executive director of The Marketing Practice to talk about the transaction he has undertaken recently and how HMT assisted him with the deal process.

Carpe Diem – There is (probably) no time like now to address your debt

2022-10-03T15:03:53+00:00October 3rd, 2022|

Sometimes little can change in a year but a lot can change in a week. Despite the macro events of this year, the UK SME lending market had continued to enjoy relatively benign conditions through 2022 albeit with an increasing undertone of concern over the summer months about growing inflationary pressure.

A good time to sell? Surely not ?!!

2022-09-01T12:12:04+00:00September 1st, 2022|

Despite all the doom and gloom, could it be a good time to exit your business ? Unless living under a rock, it is impossible to ignore the dire predictions of economic collapse in the UK over the coming months. Hot on the heels of the pandemic and supply chain challenges, we now face epic fuel bills at home and at the pumps, in turn driving high inflation and the first increases in interest rates for years.

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