Exit Strategy Review

There comes a time in the development of most private companies when it makes sense for the shareholders to consider exiting the business. Our Exit Strategy Review is aimed at maximising value and positioning your business for sale within the next two years.

We provide clients with an Exit Strategy Review and advise shareholders of the various exit options available to them. This can include full or partial trade sale, sale to management via institutional funding and flotation.

We assess each option in the light of the company’s circumstances and the specific requirements of the shareholders.

The typical review will include:

  1. Tax review and structuring
    • Reviewing current shareholder structure
    • Tax implications of a disposal/financial restructuring
  2. Sustainable profitability
    • Reviewing the historical and forecast profit and loss account
    • Normalisation adjustments
    • Run rate analysis
  3. Balance sheet
    • Seasonality and working capital cycle
    • Optimisation of working capital
    • Assessment of debt capacity
  4. Commercial and operational review
    • Financial control environment
    • Viewing the business from the buyer’s perspective
    • Contract reviews – change of control clauses
    • Management succession
  5. Valuation
    • Reviewing comparable transactions
    • Assessing market positioning
    • Optimal timing to exit
  6. Buyer Groups
    • Research on track records of buyers on acquisitions and financial capacities
    • Addressing whether private equity will be an interested buyer


We then recommend the best exit strategy, and how to groom the business prior to exit, in order to maximise shareholder value.