HMT LLP joins ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty

The corporate finance faculty is ICAEW’s centre of professional excellence in corporate finance. It contributes to policy development and many consultations by international organisations, governments, regulators and other professional bodies. Its membership is drawn from major professional services groups, specialist advisory firms, companies, banks, private equity, venture capital, law firms, brokers, consultants, policy-makers and academic experts. More than 40 per cent of the faculty’s membership is from beyond ICAEW.

The Corporate Finance Faculty’s professional network includes 6,000 members and more than 70 member organisations.

As a leading corporate finance adviser in the Thames Valley, HMT has just joined the Faculty as a corporate member which will enable us to stay connected to the largest network of professionals involved in corporate finance as well as attending forums and seminars organised by ICAEW.

HMT is an ICAEW accredited training office and since 1 January 2013 we have recruited five ICAEW students in training.

HMT commented:

“Having met with Michael Izza (Chief Executive of the ICAEW) and David Petrie (Head of Corporate Finance at ICAEW) in recent weeks it was great to hear more about the  active role of the Faculty and how HMT and its clients can both benefit and contribute to its further development.

As the leading adviser to entrepreneurial businesses in the Thames Valley we are proud to be part of our industry’s leading professional body and look forward to working with the Faculty and grow its presence in our local market”.


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