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Real Estate & Construction

By convention, real estate and construction are a challenging sector for M&A and fund-raising.

Often project-based and speculative in nature, housing and commercial developments can be challenging to value attractively and the appetite for sub-scale businesses in this sector has long been limited.

However, for businesses providing a service to real estate or construction, where the scale and/or geographical reach of a business has taken it beyond individual project risk and/or where there is a specialist/in demand capability on offer, there is a genuine opportunity to generate investor appetite and a strong valuation.

HMT’s Credentials

The HMT Team has recent and current experience of working with real estate and construction services businesses and has a well-informed view of what is and is not possible in the current market. We advise businesses in the following sub-sectors

  • Construction products
  • Design & Build
  • Construction services
  • Real Estate

From raising funds for innovative infrastructure projects, to raising private equity investment for a multi-disciplinary construction services consultancy, and from hard FM to Design and Build, we have a breadth of expertise and would be happy to debate the achievability of your objectives with you openly and honestly.

Real Estate & Construction

Our team has undertaken many transactions in the Real Estate & Construction sector and has recently advised on acquisitions, fundraisings and disposals of construction services consultancies and building materials manufacturers amongst others.


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