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During 2021 we have seen unprecedented market momentum and compliance drivers supporting businesses operating in the environmental, social and governance sectors.

The breadth of considerations at play under the ESG agenda include climate, biodiversity, diversity, equality and inclusion, sanctions in Russia and China and wellbeing at work.

For the first time there is a genuine focus on these areas from mid-market investors and global acquirers and the creation of impact funds specifically designed to support businesses which are ESG oriented.

Linked because of the relationship between Green Energy and the Climate agenda/net Zero targets, there is also a continuing focus on solving the energy crisis in both the short and long terms, whether EV technology, green infrastructure projects, energy management software or “smart” home technologies.

These areas of governmental and societal focus are driving M&A and investment activity globally, albeit with a high level of scrutiny as to quality and genuine deliverables.

HMT’s credentials

The HMT team has seen a real uptick in interest and activity in the Energy and ESG sectors including

  • Energy transition
  • ESG
  • Cleantech
  • Industrial and advanced materials
  • Future mobility & transport

Energy & ESG

Our team has undertaken many transactions in the Energy & ESG sector and has recently advised on acquisitions, fundraisings and disposals of EV energy management software companies, ESG compliance platform businesses and advanced materials manufacturers amongst others.


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