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Business Services

However advanced technology gets, there will always be a need for physical business to business providers.

For every e-commerce business there are technologically advanced warehousing and logistics providers, for every shared working space, there are a design and build company, cleaners, facilities managers, and corporate catering providers.

Complex and technologically advanced buildings management, fire monitoring and security systems require servicing, maintenance and emergency call out provision. Businesses providing specialised outsourced support in respect of recruitment, training, compliance, marketing, business development and quality assurance have all grown in significance as the business environment becomes more complex and the attractions of outsourcing become clearer.

There are businesses that will straddle the divide between IT services and Business Services and the more technology enabled a service provider is, the more valuable they are likely to be; however we are a long way from replacing people with technology and the business services sector remains a key focus for buyers and investors.

HMT’s credentials

HMT has undertaken many transactions in the business services sector including the following sub-sectors

  • Professional services
  • Consultancies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Recruitment
  • Transport & Logistics
  • E-commerce fulfilment

We understand what value-drivers acquirers and investors are looking for in this market place and how to prepare and position a business to optimise the value of a transaction.

Business Services remains a key focus for the mid-market private equity community in the UK and we also draw on the experience of our due diligence team to inform our views of multiples and appetite.

Business services

Our team has undertaken many transactions in the business services sector and has recently advised on acquisitions, fundraisings and disposals of marketing consultancies, professional services firms and third-party logistics companies amongst others.


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