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M&A Advisory

Advising Vendors and Acquirers for more than 30 years

You couldn’t be in safer hands than HMT’s to sell or buy a business

Our M&A Advisory team guides our clients through the complex world of business sales, MBOs, acquisitions and mergers. We will provide intelligent, supportive and proactive advice to our clients whether they are buyers, sellers or just seeking to restructure or rebalance their shareholdings. Our job is to get our clients the best possible deal for them.

Our role usually extends the full length of the transaction, is fully hands-on and can cover any or all of the following aspects:

  • Determining likely valuation parameters, defining clear transaction objectives and setting process
  • Communicating the opportunity clearly and compellingly to the market
  • Ensuring that the right counter-parties are identified and approached with appropriate confidentiality arrangements in place
  • Helping to Build the right financial and commercial data room to support the transaction
  • Producing or refining financial forecasts appropriate for the process
  • Negotiating indicative terms and ensuring that all key aspects of a transaction are clearly understood pre due diligence
  • Supporting through the due diligence process, assisting with the negotiation and resolution of any points arising and managing the flows of Q&A
  • Project Managing to ensure that everything is done efficiently and by the right party at the right time
  • Advising on the completion mechanism and any completion adjustments

Mostly people only SELL a business once in their lives and mostly it is a business they have spent a lifetime building. So, selecting advisers for that sale process and making sure you trust their advice is a decision worth taking time over

We understand that for many of our clients, M&A can be a bewildering process, littered with acronyms and assumed knowledge. We draw on our many years’ experience and work alongside them to ensure they are always on the front foot, understand precisely what they are signing up to and can trust they have a formidable team on their side throughout. We run the process so you can run your business.

Clarify objectives and value drivers


Go to market


Agree Heads of Terms


Prepare documentation and research the market


Build rapport and negotiate


Due diligence, legals and completion



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M&A Advisory

Whether you are a business owner seeking a full or partial exit, a management team with ambition to acquire the business you are running, a corporate or a private equity investor seeking support with acquisitions, HMT has the expertise, experience, and depth of resource to support you to achieve your objectives

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Fundraising Advisory

HMT’s team can support you and your business to raise the right funds at the right time from the right funding partner. From Series A, through growth capital and with specialist debt advisory capability, our hands-on team can help you to navigate the ever-changing funding landscape to get to the optimum solution

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Transaction Support

Our due diligence team has a vast breadth and depth of experience across a huge range of Financial and Vendor due diligence assignments gained over thirty years. With dedicated financial modelling capability and our own due diligence tax specialist, we provide pragmatic commercial advice to private equity and corporate investors and acquirers alike

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