Our international network ICFG during Covid-19 – Stronger together

Being part of an international network is key for an M&A advisory firm in “normal” times, but it is even more important nowadays, when a global pandemic hits the world.

Our international network ICFG is positioned at three different stages of the Covid-19 crisis, with Partners located across the globe from China to the USA, and a dense presence across the whole of Europe including pandemic epicentre in Europe, Italy.

Our ideally located global offices, currently all at varying stages of the Covid-19 journey, ensure we have the specific knowledge needed to steer our clients through the requirements and regulations within their local market.  In the short term our clients can rely on our debt advisory capacity and multi-country strategic insight, to help them find the right, immediate solution for their business during the Covid-19 pandemic, without losing a global perspective.

Each week we mobilise an “around the world” perspective to identify an emerging set of best practices aimed at overcoming this sharp curve, from a pragmatic and hands-on perspective. We share insights on the M&A market in each country as well as investment opportunities and measures taken by governments to help local and international businesses.

Our team of M&A professionals are currently assisting a number of clients through the Covid-19 crisis and preparing for a brighter future.

Beyond short term measures, we remain committed to long term value for our clients.  We will actively look at the underlying value trends that a major assets repricing, combined with a major consumer practices triggered by this confinement period will induce, in terms of strategy focus and assets allocation.


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