When looking to raise new capital, businesses today often have a bewildering array of debt and equity choices available to them. Options range from the traditional high street banks to the newer challenger banks, direct lenders and credit funds, specialist asset-based lenders through to venture debt and private equity.

Which is the best fit for an entrepreneur’s stage, sector, growth plan or exit horizon is not always that clear and can be confusing meaning that you need a team of experienced navigators to provide expert advice on the best available options.

The debt funding landscape in particular has changed markedly over the past few years, far beyond the traditional high-street banks and asset-based lenders and we are seeing unprecedented levels of liquidity from new entrants and funds almost on a daily basis.

HMT’s debt advisory team has deep knowledge of the market, products and funds and has provided capital and debt advice to businesses, shareholders, management teams and major financial investors for many years consistently demonstrating the ability to structure the most appropriate funding package for its clients.

Our debt advisory services have been developed to meet the needs of business owners and private equity firms alike and includes:

  • A clear focus on debt financing requirements for all types of transaction ranging from £1-100m+
  • Review of financing options and feasibility pre-transaction, including structuring and security considerations
  • Market benchmarking against our sector knowledge & comparable deals to ensure expectations are met
  • Advice and selection of funders to approach including managing confidentiality and any sensitivities with pre-existing banking relationships
  • Marketing and end-to-end project management to ensure that the best terms are secured, internal credit processes and timetables are hit and competitive tension is maximised

We advise on all aspects of debt capital markets including asset-backed lending, senior and junior debt. Whether you are looking to raise development capital, realise value for shareholders or refinancing existing debt facilities, our professional debt advisory team can provide you with a tailored solution.

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