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Begin with the exit

Can you set out to build a salable business from the start ? I frequently run workshops for entrepreneurial mid-market

Value Drivers and M&A Trends in the Virtual Receptionist market

Throughout the last few years, a desire to reduce back-office headcount, downsize office space and outsource non-core activities to specialist

A brief review of mid-market M&A in 2023

At HMT, we work with mid-market businesses, their shareholders and management teams, to deliver deals. The firm (and its partners!)

A VC Christmas Carol

We find ourselves at that time of year where people are in more of a reflective mood than usual –

Why selling a business is more emotional than you might think

When we start to talk to shareholders about the process of selling their business, we always explain to them how

Venture Fundraising in a Cold Climate

Can we talk about fundraising in 2023? It’s fair to say that it’s been one of the most challenging years

Debt and Hybrid-Debt Options in the Current Market

As sentiment in the growth financing market has reset this year there is one consistent topic on the agenda with

Never Ending Story -What to focus on when raising Series B funding.

Fundraising is often described as a race against insolvency and as we tell our clients, the best time to raise

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