Critical business decisions are underpinned by analysis.

The need to build robust flexible financial models  is heightened when

  • financial exposure is significant
  • data sets are large and complex
  • there are multiple stakeholders

HMT offers buy-side, sell-side and buy and build financial modelling services, both as part of the integrated Corporate Finance offering and on a standalone basis. We build bespoke and granular financial models that focus on the key value drivers of the business and we create tools that will add value to a transaction, to the stakeholders of the process and to the management team thereafter.

A robust financial model is a pre-requisite to support any financial transaction. We focus on delivering corporate practical solutions and financial tools that business owners can use themselves post deal, whether that is to monitor business performance, or flexible enough to reflect business changes in the future.

As well as producing models using HMT’s insight and extensive experience, we bring particular knowledge of how to unpick complicated or broken models, bring structure to complicated situations and retrieve data from management and their systems.

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