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Transaction Support

HMT has an extremely active Transaction Support team helping businesses, debt providers and private equity houses, as well as a number of recurring trade acquirers to protect value during the transaction process.

Having completed hundreds of assignments, we have an established reputation particularly within private equity and debt markets for consistent quality and added value.

Our transaction support team provides the following services:

All our transaction support assignments are partner-led and one of our Transaction Support partners is always actively involved from the beginning of the process up to completion.

HMT always ensures that the assignment is staffed with sufficiently experienced personnel who specialise in the work undertaken.

At HMT, we believe in “real time” communication and will immediately notify the client of major issues which might impact on the transaction as soon as these are identified, rather than wait until we are due to formally report. Our clients trust us for providing the transaction support they need within budget and time.

For more information about our transaction support services, please do not hesitate to contact our Transaction Support Partner Andrew Thomson on 01491 579740.

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